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Leap Year

Definition of Leap Year

Definition of Leap Year

A leap year is a year with \(366\) days. A normal year has \(365\) days.

The extra day is added to the end of February, giving it \(29\) days in a leap year.

Leap years were introduced to compensate for the Earth taking slightly more than \(365\) days to orbit the Sun once.

We can almost say that leap years occur every four years. \(2016\) was a leap year, so \(2020\) and \(2024\) will be leap years as well.

Special things happen with years that are divisible by \(100\). They are not leap years unless the year is divisible by \(400\). So, \(1900\) was not a leap year, but \(2000\) was. \(2100\) will not be a leap year.


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