Beware Of Scams

Easy said but you have to take every bit of care dealing with Scams. At no point SubjectCoach asks registered users for their password or credit card info. We send emails from domain. You must report to us if you get an email requesting your credit card or any other personal info, so that we can alert users. Most of our user base are honest people. But then there are others that use any piece of info for scam if it suit them.

How to know if its a scam:

Most scams involve one or more of the following:

  • Receive email from someone they say are from SubjectCoach requesting credit card or personal info. We simply don't do that.
  • Inquiries from locations that are far far away
  • Asking to pay by Western Union, Money Gram, certified checks, or money order
  • Inability or refusal to meet face-to-face before completing a transaction

How to avoid a scam?

  • Never accept money orders or certified checks as payment
  • Never wire someone funds via Western Union or Money Gram
  • Don't deal with students or tutors who are reluctant to meet with you in person or speak on the phone.

FAQ for Students

  • Where are tutoring sessions held?

    It will depend on Tutor and services he or she offers. End of the day if will depend on what both parties agree to. If you are booking a join class with other students, most likely tutoring session will be held in a classroom kind of setup, either at tutor's house or at commercial site.

  • Online booking is ok, what if tutor never responds?

    If you have paid for an online booking, you can contact us within 6 days of booking date. We will get you refunded. Else if you didn't paid and are waiting for Tutor's confirmation, you are not in loss anyway, you can contact other able tutor.

  • Whom am I paying when I am booking a tutor online?

    SubjectCoach pays the tutors in full. We hold all transactions for up to 7 days and for new tutors for up to 15 days. SubjectCoach is the collector and you are paying SubjectCoach which is collecting money on Tutor's behalf and SubjectCoach send this money off to tutors on weekly or fortnightly basis. Thus in case of conflict if you contact us within 6 days of making any kind of payment we reserve the right to listen to both parties and decide if we should refund the money or not.

  • What if I don't like the tutor?

    First thing first, any indecent kind of act should be reported to Police immediately, but if you don't like the way Tutor taught you or you think they are not up to the scratch, we need to know. Leave your ratings and send us an email. If we receive multiple complaints for a Tutors for their services, we will suspend them.

  • How should I finalize a tutor?

    Well generally it depends, Check tutors qualifications, what they have achieved, how experience they are with the subject they are offering tutoring for, and most importantly check their average ratings and comments left by other users on their listings.

  • I want to take an online course, are they good.

    Generally they are pretty high quality stuff. But it also depends what you want to achieve from an online course. Check course content before buying a course.

  • Can two students share a tutor?

    In a group tutoring, Yes. Else it will depend on Tutor of your choice if they allow it or not.

  • Do you perform background checks on the tutors?

    All tutors who will join as of July 2014 will be contacted by Phone and made sure that their mobile or landline number is good. Also they are required to use their Credit card to join SubjectCoach thus limiting the scam factor. We will also verify key details for their profile.

  • How do I rate or review a tutor?

    There is a rating section for each listing. Please do so when applicable. Also leave comments for a listing.

  • What if I'm looking for a tutor in another city or specific location?

    You can contact them. Some tutors can offer online help or phone help. Also if you are planning a visit, check if tutor is available for dates you are travelling to that location and pre book them for a tutoring session.

  • I have a Student account. How can I register as a tutor?

    Very easy, just use a separate email ID to create an account with us. Choose tutoring plan you want to be on and enjoy spreading knowledge.

  • I forgot my user ID, now what?

    You can email us at support [AT], we will get you sorted. If you forgot your password, that easy to reset from Sign In page.

  • What if I want to cancel my online booking with tutor?

    Notify tutor. All cancellation can be refunded via SubjectCoach within 7 days of booking. If outside 7 days, you will have to contact Tutor for full refund.

  • How will I know If online booking is successful after payment.

    You will get confirmation straight away. Generally a Tutor will get in touch with you, make sure that all your details are correct. If you don't receive a call or any contact from tutor, try calling them on their published number. If you can't get in touch with tutor for first 24 hours, contact us and we will arrange a full refund to you. In case of reservation only bookings, if you cannot get in touch for few days then you can let us know, we will try to contact the Tutor and of course you can move on to find another Tutor.

FAQ for Tutors

  • Do you provide phone support?

    You can request a callback if you are on Silver or Gold plan. We will call you back between 3PM to 8 PM Melbourne time, You can request any day between Wednesday to Sunday each week.

  • Why do I need to sign up using credit card for your Gold plan?

    We want top quality tutors who are serious about their business. When you join us using your credit card, this for us means a legit account that will be followed up by a phone call to verify your details. In other words this is proven way to minimize scams. Also our commission based plan is for you to avail, if you don't want to provide your credit card.

  • How do I get paid?

    Tutors in Australia are paid using Bank Transfers. We bank with ANZ and all collected money for your bookings, courses and tutorial sales transferred over to you. Please note that only fees that is charged on each transaction is Credit Card processing fees that is 2.7% + 0.30c of the transaction amount. Other than that everything other cent will be transferred over to your account on a weekly and in case you are a new tutor who just joined SubjectCoach, it will be 15 rolling day basis payments. For international transfers (we only support NewZealand at this stane) it will be 1.7% + 0.30c plus $31 AUD fees charged by ANZ for making an international transfer. You can ask us what minimum amount should we transfer over to you.

  • Are there any hidden charges, fees etc?

    There are no hidden charges or fees. Only charge that exist is credit card processing fees plus in case of international bank transfers (NZ in our case) a bank transfer feed of $31 is deducted from transferred amount. Also for As You Go Plan, some features you will pay on per use basis.

  • When will I get paid?

    We offer payment in 7 rolling day basis. For new Tutors its 15 days payments.

  • Do you store my credit card?

    No. We don't. We use Stripe as our Payment processor and they are fully PCI compliant credit card processing company, Stripe's vault is used to store your card info. Google "Stripe Australia" for more info.

  • What if I want to offer myself to be booked online and don't want to use SubjectCoach to process payments?

    That's easy. You can collect payment by cash but still put your availability up. SubjectCoach makes it easy.

  • How does courses work?

    You will have to create your own videos, SubjectCoach hosts your videos and transcripts for your videos. Your videos must be mp4 format and each course must have one intro video which should be labelled FREE to watch. Course must have a structure and each video should basically follow your course structure, in other words called "table of contents". We process videos on our servers and make if available to be watched from any browser.

  • Do you charge any commission for sales from my online courses and tutorials?

    We want you to be successful. If you are on our Gold plan, no commission is charged, however on our As You Go Plan, 25% commission is charged on sales and bookings excluding card processing fees.

  • Can I use other people's videos in my online course?

    If you have written permission to do so, Yes! else No. Please read more about Intellectual property and Copyrights.

  • How can I put my tutorial up for sale?

    Simple by creating a listing of type tutorial, Add parts to your tutorial, set pricing and you are off and away. Each tutorial must have an introduction chapter which should be free to read. Generally you will have a pre-existing student audience. We will list your tutorial and its up to the visitor if they want to pay for it or not.

  • Does students really buy online courses or tutorials?

    It depends. If your course subject is high on demand and have less competition and is high on quality, then answer to this question is Yes, your course or tutorial will generate sales for you. You must also promote yourself on your social sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. You can also link from another websites to your course. There are many ways to generate sales ir organically your course is not attracting any buyers. SubjectCoach is not a silver bullet which can make anyone rich overnight. Effort to promote yourself must also be yours. Also its good to have a pre-existing student audience whom you can sell to.

  • How long does it take to get contacted?

    Number of contacts you receive depends on many factors. Your qualification, ratings, experience and in some cases even gender matters. Once finalized, Students can send you a message and you will get an email straight away at your accounts email. Check your accounts email at least once every day.

  • What should I do if the student refuses to pay or ask for a refund?

    If you think you are right and can prove that, you generally got to keep your money, however if student's claim can be proven, you will be asked to give student full refund. To keep a good repo, its sometimes a good thing to refund money. In case of Private tutoring, generally student know if they are benefiting from your tutoring or not. Sometimes they will pay partial amount and leave. In such scenarios no complaints are entertained.

  • How can students leave me a review? How do I get reviews?

    They can comment and rate your listing.

  • How can I close my account?

    Cancel your subscription and email us at support [AT] Allow us at least 72 hours to process your request.

  • I'm an international student, can I still offer tutoring?

    You can work within your allowed number of hours. More details can be found on DIMIA website. Please make sure that you are legally eligible for undertaking any kind of work. You may have to work as Sole Trader with an ABN. You will have to declare all incoming and pay tax as per others.

  • Who pays GST

    For every cent that's transferred to you, you must pay GST if you are a business. For what you pay SubjectCoach i.e. monthly subscription money or commission, SubjectCoach pays GST on that (if applicable). Tutoring may be an extra income stream for your, so you must contact your accountant before doing your tax returns to check what your tax liabilities are.

  • The activation email didn't show up!

    Please check your junk email folder. On paid accounts, activation email may not be sent at all. However Invoices are sent their.

  • How do I change the credit card used for my subscription?

    Under your portal goto Settings > Credit card management and add a new one. Please note: we don't store credit cards however all information is stored by our payment processor "Stripe Australia".

  • Why SubjectCoach don't show my Email address and my home address?

    Privacy! Period.

Other questions

  • Where are you located?

    Our servers are hosted within Australia (Brisbane & Sydney) and all development and support is done from Thomastown, Victoria. We don't use call centres etc.

  • Are there any jobs available?

    If there is any job on offer, We publish it on our site. At this moment, there are no vacancies available.