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Price - No subscription
- Commission based

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AUD $ 15.00/month

- No commission charged
- You keep all proceedings from sales you make
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Virtual Classroom  
Free when used with Bookings, else you only pay $10 per 60 minute session
Unlimited minutes, Use as it suits you.
Advanced analytics for your courses, tutorials, and tutoring listings  
Accept Online Bookings
* You have to become verified member to use our Booking software, We use a third party verifier who will charge a one off fee between $70 - $100
10% commission per booking
Sell Tutorials and video courses or lessons  
10% commission on sale
No commission charged
Access to SubjectCoach resources such as Quizzes, Lessons, Worksheets  
Daily/Weekly limits apply
Daily/Weekly limits apply
Number of students you can manage  
(SubjectCoach resource limits apply to students)
(SubjectCoach resource limits apply to students)
Access to Worksheet Generators
300+ Maths Worksheet generators (Prep - Grade 8), covers 1500+ skills
20+ English Worksheet generators (Prep - Grade 8)
All generators included in the plan at no additional cost (priced at $25/month)
Dynamic Maths Pretests
Grade 1 - 7 as per Australian and NZ curriculums
All pretests generators included in the plan at no additional cost (Print it or attempt it on screen)
Cutting edge Quiz Creator  
with support for public/private quizzes
with support for public/private quizzes
Virtual Classroom with whiteboard, text chat, video conferencing, shared presentations and file sharing (Beta)
Users must use Chrome, Firefox, Safari 11 if they want to utilize video conferencing
Users must use Chrome to utilize Screen share
Not supported on Phones, or iPads running iOS version less than 11
Plagiarism Checker  
$0.10 per check
$0.08 per check (20% discount per check)
Contact Manager  
Free for up to 50 Contacts, includes newsletter sending.
Unlimited Contacts, SMS credits not included.
Detailed Sales Reports  
Booking Widgets For Your Websites  
How do I get paid for bookings and course sales?  
Stripe or Paypal
Stripe or Paypal
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No Credit Card Required
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* Prices in AUD

Card processing fees applies to all credit card transactions, actual percentage depends on if you choose Paypal or Stripe.

* Your credit card will not be charged while you are trialing SubjectCoach.
* SMS credits are not included in your plan. You will have to purchase SMS credits if you wish to use SMS Manager.

All of our plans come loaded with other free features below

Image & Video gallery for listings

Listings optimized for Map Search

SEO Optimized

Marketing tools

Tutor Listing

Email Support
You can adjust your plan once every month. You will not be eligible for a refund if you continue to use SubjectCoach after your trial days.

Manage your students

SubjectCoach makes learning simple and engaging.

Our content aligns with Australian and New Zealand school curriculum,
For students, its fun to learn on SubjectCoach and for parents and school teachers, it's easy to manage their kid's or student's skill based learning.
Our content fits students from many other countries such as United States and United Kingdom. It's as simple as Browse, Watch, Learn and Practice.

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Includes Video lessons, Story books, NAPlAN writing ideas, coloring sheets, Trivia, 30+ games, Typing tutor & English dictionary.
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** We don't store your credit card in our database, We use Stripe to charge your credit card and credit card details are managed and secured by Stripe Vault.


* Prices in AUD

Have questions about our plans & pricing?

What type of payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Credit cards are our preferred modes of payment. We also accept physical checks, for an additional processing fee of $50, only for amounts exceeding $100. We do not accept payments via PayPal. Contact sales to find out more.

What is the refund and cancellation policy?

Cancellation stops the auto-renewal of a SubjectCoach subscription. Subscriptions are active till the end of the billing cycle. For instance, if you have paid for an annual subscription, it is active till the end of those 12 months. Cancellation does not delete your SubjectCoach account, and you can re-subscribe any time. Please note all subscriptions are auto-renewed unless explicitly cancelled.

Refunds: You are eligible for a full refund within 3 days of creating an account (paid subscription) with us.

Can I get invoices for my payments?

Absolutely. Invoices are sent with every successful payment via email to the registered email address.

What is a guarantee period?

Risk free guarantee period is the number of days you can use SubjectCoach with a peace of mind that if you don't like our product, you just cancel your account and receive a full 100% refund. Guarantee period for Parents accounts is 3 days.

How can I upgrade my parent subscription?

You can manage your plan from your dashboard and navigating to "Plan management" tab. You can adjust your plan once every year or Cancel it anytime. Upgrades can be done any time, and are charged on a prorated basis. Thus, if your subscription is changed during a billing cycle, your billed amount for the month will be prorated.

How secure is my payment?

All payments are securely processed over HTTPS and your card information never touches our servers. All payment processing is done by a third party credit card processor (Stripe). All details are sent over SSL, which is a 2048-bit RSA-encrypted channel.