Parent Teacher Event Bookings
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Our school event portal is very straightforward to use, any event that has anything to do with teacher, parent and student such as parent teacher interviews, school assessment test result discussions, student led conferences, subject selection, information afternoons/evenings etc can be set using our school events portal. Setting up an event takes less than 5 minutes with 4 easy steps. Making a booking takes less than 1 minute with 3 easy steps.



Setting an event takes less than 5 minutes, 4 easy steps and that's all. You get an event code that you can share in your school newsletter or any other form of communication.

Access control

By default, school admin can set a few things up leaving nothing to the teachers, you can however give access to some event features such as if the teacher could set their own availability etc

Kiosk mode

Worried that some parents/guardians cannot book from their home as they have no access to an internet enabled device, you can open up a booking kiosk at your own school premises.


School events integrates seamlessly with your subjectCoach school account, what this means is that you add your school accounts once and they will be available in school events portal within 1 hour.


Set teacher availability or allow teachers to set their own availability, set up an event over multiple days, or make it a single day event, booking block can be 10 minutes or 30 minutes, depending on your preference.


Parents are sent an email when their booking is confirmed with a teacher, they can make any change to their booking whenever they want. With single link they can cancel their booking as well.

Event codes

When you create an event, you are given an event code a mix of numbers and letters. You will give/broadcast this code to the parents using your newsletter system or you can have it printed and distribute the printed code.


A teacher can make a booking for an event on behalf of a parent, school admin can do the same too, A parent makes a booking from the link you will provide in your newsletter. Parents appreciates the flexibility to choose the appointments time that will fit in to their schedules.


Teacher can export the time table on a sheet so they don't have to keep their computer screen open. Timetable allow them to see who and when they are going to meet next. It also allows them to plan their whole event better.


We've made a video to showcase a few things school events is capable of doing. This will also help you with your decision making process.