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Software Terms starting with G

Glass Box Testing 

Glass Box Testing is an exact contrast of Black Box testing & is structural testing, where test data are derived from direct examination of the code to be tested. Glass-box test design allows one to peek inside the "box", and it focuses specifically on using internal knowledge of the software to guide the selection of test data. 

Globalization Testing 

Globalization is the complete process of making application available in multiple languages. This type of testing evaluates whether the application is capable for using all over the world and to check whether the input accepts all the language texts. 

Gorilla Testing 

A test method, that involves testing a module with set of positive and negative inputs. There is no particular test strategy for these test techniques as they can be adapted as final stages in testing phase. 

Grey Box Testing 

Gray Box Testing is a software testing method which is a combination of Black Box Testing method and White Box Testing method. In Black Box Testing, the internal structure of the item being tested is unknown to the tester and in White Box Testing the internal structure in known. In Gray Box Testing, the internal structure is partially known. This involves having access to internal data structures and algorithms for purposes of designing the test cases, but testing at the user. 

GUI Testing 

GUI testing is a testing method in which the application's user interface is verified whether the application performs as expected with respect to user interface behavior.


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