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Working with Management Tab

Management Tab helps us to create and manage releases and cycles and also to help in makes project planning and project tracking. It is mainly work with the following areas in ALM.

  • Creating Releases
  • Creating Cycles
  • Release Scope and Milestone
  • Master Plan and Status
  • Libraries
  • Base lining


Creating Releases:

Creating Releases is the primary step in Quality Center. The entire work item such as libraries, test execution, test cases and defects are tracked based on the release name.

Before creating a release, User will create a folder for the same by clicking on a new folder icon as shown below

New release folder HP ALM

Clicking on “New Releases” button and the New Release dialog opens. Enter the name of the release and Click Ok. The Release will be created as shown.

New release HP ALM


Click on the created release user can notice that the tabs - Details, master plan, release scope, scorecard, attachments and status are generated.


Release details HP ALM



Releases are further divided into cycle. User can create cycle by selecting the release on the left pane and clicking on new cycle button. The new dialog opens up as shown. User will enter Start date and End date of the cycle.


 New Cycle: HP ALM


Under Cycle, user can check the progress and Quality. The pictorial representation of Progress is shown below.

Cycle details HP ALM


Release Scope and Milestone:

Each Release also has a scope and scope can be added under "Release Scope" Tab

New scope item HP ALM


Each Release has milestone associated with it and can be added using the Milestone icon under Releases module as shown

Milestone HP ALM

Master Plan and Status:

Master plan can be viewed under "Releases" Tab which displays the cycles and milestone timelines as shown.

Master Plan and Status: HP ALM

Progress and Quality Status will be shown as pictorial representation

Progress and Quality status: HP ALM



A project have set of entities called Library and the relationships between them which consists of requirements, test resources, tests and business components

By clicking on "New Library" Icon in Library Navigation bar user can create New Library. A New window would be as shown below and one can name the library and add resources such as requirements, components, test plan.


New Library: HP ALM


A baseline includes all the entities defined in the library, tests, including requirements, and test resources.

Once Libraries are created, the libraries can be baseline which is a snapshot of the library at a particular point of time. Users can compare baselines at any point/stages of the development phase export in CSV format.

A New Baseline is created by clicking on New Baseline button under "Libraries" Navigation bar. A pop shown below will show up that will verify the expected content. Click continue.

Create baseline HP ALM

Enter the name for the baseline 

Enter baseline name: HP ALM

BaseLine will show up under designated Library, You are able to view log as well just if you want to check the details of what went in the 

New baseline log



Contents of this tutorial includes parts below

  • What id HP Quality Center
  • Environment Set up
  • Configurations on Server Side 
  • Getting to know some commonly used features
  • Management Tab
  • Requirements
  • Test Plan
  • Test Lab
  • Integrating QTP with QC
  • Defects 
  • Dashboard Analysis
  • Customization

This tutorial is to the point effort to quickly get you started with HP quality center.



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