Getting started with Software Testing

Types of Software Testing

Software Testing –Types of Testing

The different types of testing that may be used to test software during SDLC.

Manual Testing

Manual Testing is a process to find the defects/bugs. Here tester tests all features of the application, in end user view, to make sure that the behavior of the application. It is preliminary testing, must be completed prior to start automation testing. The Test Plan is created & followed by tester engineer to make sure that the comprehensiveness of testing while executing the test cases manually.

Automation Testing

Software Automation Testing is the process of software validation which involves the process; analysis, initialization, execution and delivery of results are performed automatically by using automated testing tool. This is process automating the manual test case.

Automation Testing


Along with the regression testing, automation testing is also used to perform the load, performance, and stress. It increases the maximum test coverage, accuracy, and saves more time and money.


What is Automation?

Automation is making a process automatic, eliminating the need for human intervention.

When to Automate?


 Software should meets following criteria to Automate :-

  • After the completion of Manual testing
  • When Application is stable
  • When there is no more requirement change
  • When project require testing same areas frequently.
  • When project are large and critical
  • Availability of time.


How to Automate?


Automation can be performed with the use of some automation software. There are many tools which are used for writing the automation test scripts. Some of the process of automation are :-

  • Understanding the requirement and identify the area with software for automation.
  • Selection of tool for test automation
  • Automated test script associated with each test case
  • Development of test suits for set of test script
  • Execution of scripts
  • Creation of test result report
  • Identify any bug or performance issues

Software Testing Tools

  • HP Quick Test Professional
  • Selenium
  • IBM Rational Functional Tester
  • Load Runner
  • SilkTest
  • WinRunner
  • Testing AnyWhere


This tutorial has 9 parts to it, which covers basics of software testing, You will gain knowledge on various topics of software testing including testing estimation, software testing levels and also covers importance of documentations.


No prior knowledge on Software Testing is essential

Learning Objectives

This tutorial is written as an overview of Software Testing

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