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Having trouble with high school/1st year uni maths or science? I've been there. I know how frustrating it is to not understand what's going on. I know what its like to want to strangle whoever invented algebra.. I'm an older student (30) now in my second year of an electrical engineering/science degree at JCU, having achieved High Distinctions and being near the very top of the class in all my maths subjects so far. How? I wish I could say I had brilliant lecturers and it was a piece of cake. I can't. I wish I could say the problems weren't that difficult. They were. So what's the best strategy to get a handle on this stuff? Well apart from practice and repetition (yes even with the best help you need to do the work), having an experienced guide to lead you through the wilderness will ALWAYS get you there quicker and with less of those frustrating wrong turns. So drop me a line, because I know the way and I know where the wrong turns are. I can get you there in one piece. Note: Sessions located at JCU or home visit on Magnetic Island only.

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Apart from the academic achievements mentioned in my listing, the lecturers at JCU have recognised the difference I have made in many students' grades and decided they want me on their side. I am now employed as a JCU staff tutor in only the second year of my degree. This position is generally reserved for degree holders and PhD students.
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