Gold Coast Tutor in English, ESL, Essay Writing, History, Reading, Society and Culture (see below for full list of subjects and levels)

At the end of year 10 I was a low B student and over the next three years I significantly improved my grades until I finished second in grade for english with a V.H.A. 4. I did this by translatiing my love of reading into cohesive and advanced writing skills. During year 11 and 12 I made use of an English tutor who helped me understand how to properly write and prepare for English assessments during which time I consistently achieved results that were in the A's. I understand that english is a subject of confidence and one that requires an acute understanding of the materials studied and more important an understanding of what is being asked in assessment. This is a lesson I learnt the hard way. english out of all my subjects in high school taught me the importance of persistence and the importance of listening and understanding. As an english tutor I can offer a student (From Grade 9-12)a personal experience in a comfortable environment working with them through thier assessment or help a student understand in more depth a particular novel (Or other prose). I can also help prepare students for unseen assessment at school. I have a regimented process for writing essays which has worked for me always (In school assessment and others). I am confident that I can teach a student this process and make him/her confident enough to tackle any english assessment. I am also a proficient public speaker, I am able to dictate formal speeches to a high standard with poignancy and appeal. I have also worked hard at elocution and it is a skill I am sure that I can impart on a student. On the whole I offer a tailored tutoring experience that is right for a student. An experience that nutures confidence and a passion for english, with which a student can strive for the very best.

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  • History
  • Reading
  • Society and Culture
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-Previous tutoring experience -Proficient reader -V.H.A. 4 in English (Finishing Grade) -Academic captain at Saint Stephen's College (2011) -Public Speaking captain at Saint Stephen's College (2011) -1st in Saint Stephens College Public Speaking competition. -Grand finalist in A.B. Paterson public speaking competition
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