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Hey there! I am a Biomedical Science graduate (Class of 2012) from Bond University in the Gold Coast and am offering tutoring help for the following subjects that I have completed: BMED11-202 Human Biology (D) BMED11-203 Cell Biology (D) BMED11-204 Chemistry (D) BMED11-205 Medical Chemistry I (D) BMED11-206 Microbiology (D) BMED11-207 Medical and Molecular Genetics (D) BMED11-222 Human Anatomy I (D) BMED11-223 Human Anatomy II (HD) BMED12-109 Nutrition and Health (HD) BMED12-208 Research Methods in Science (HD) BMED12-209 Medical Chemistry II (HD) BMED12-211 Neuromuscular Physiology (HD) BMED12-212 Cardiovascular, Renal and Respiratory Physiology (D) BMED13-213 Gastrointestinal, Endocrine and Reproductive Physiology (HD) BMED13-214 Molecular Diagnostics (HD) BMED13-215 Human Nutrition (D) BMED13-216 Immunology (HD) BMED13-217 Pharmacology (HD) BMED13-218 Pathology (HD) CORE11-113 Scientific Thinking and Research Skills (D) D - Distinction (75 - 85%) HD - High Distinction (85 - 100%) Awards Received: Bond University Dean's List of Academic Excellence (Sem 113, 121) Bond University Vice-Chancellor’s List of Academic Excellence (Sem 122, 123) First in Class: Medical Chemistry II (Sem 121) & Immunology (Sem 123) My schedule is quite flexible and rest assured, I'd do my best to help you excel and score well (: Thank you!

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Maths
  • Physiology
  • UMAT
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Graduate in Bachelor of Biomedical Science from Bond University (2012)
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Hourly Rate: $50/hr (Individual Tutoring) Pair Tutoring: $40/hr for each student
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