Sunshine Coast Tutor in Maths, Music Technology (see below for full list of subjects and levels)

I specialise in Maths, Science & I.T. to year 10 and can also help you achieve better marks in ALL Middle School subjects Students find me friendly, easy to understand and great to work with. I am genuinely interested in your future development and have helped many students achieve great results over short periods of time. I'm more than happy to also assist in last minute questions before exams etc over the phone.

  • Maths
  • Music Technology
Expertise on above subjects
  • Private Tuition
    (One to One tuition)
  • Group Lessons
    (Teaching two or more students in one session privately)
  • Teaching Studio
    (Proper classroom setup inside your home or elsewhere)
  • Home Visits
    (Visting students home for private lessons)
  • Phone help
    (Helping students over phone)
Primary and Junior scondary. Specialising in Middle School Maths, Science, I.T. and Multi-Media. Willing to teach all levels to year 12 Maths A.
General rates information
$60 per hour
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Caloundra, ,

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