Brisbane Tutor in English, Reading, Essay Writing, Politics, Bass Guitar, History, Philosophy, Society and Culture

- My greatest passion is learning and the sharing of knowledge, it is vital in today's society that future generations harness often underdeveloped critical thinking and reasoning skills, as well as the necessary communication skills to share ideas and information. As the world becomes more connected and more technologically advanced, future generations must be able to communicate and network effectively, they must know how to develop rapport and relationships, along with advanced literary skills. The danger of illiteracy in the 21st century is not people being unable to read, but people being able to read without critical reasoning or the broader understanding of what is in front of them. I can provide English language tutoring, as well as tutoring in logic, rhetoric and critical reasoning skills. In addition, I am also an experienced musician, having toured Australia nationally, and performed in different groups in a wide range of styles. I can offer tutoring in bass guitar, along with basic musical theory, aural analysis of popular music styles, and stagecraft. I am available on weekdays from 3pm onwards. If you require tutoring on weekends, please communicate this with me in advance and we will reach an arrangement. Lessons can be catered to meet the learning needs of the individual student.

  • English
  • Reading
  • Essay Writing
  • Politics
  • Bass Guitar
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Society and Culture
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    (One to One tuition)
  • Group Lessons
    (Teaching two or more students in one session privately)
  • Home Visits
    (Visting students home for private lessons)
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I have an International Baccalaureate Diploma, and since completing those studies, I have chosen to pursue further studies as an auto didactic learner. My knowledge and skills extend to -Proper English and Grammar -Theories of Knowledge -Critical Thinking & Reasoning, Logic & Rhetoric -Political Science
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$20 per hour
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