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Korean musical instrument Janggu, book, Gong, etc. Let’s play in Korean! Are you interested in learning about Korean culture and being able to communicate in Korean language? Well, if you find yourself hard to grasp Korean, you are not alone. It’s very understandable that Korean language is one of the toughest languages to learn for English speakers. However, if you have more chance to use it in real life through something you enjoy, as well as have friends who speaks Korean you will get there quite comfortably. I am very pleased to introduce an exciting Korean drum workshop. The workshop’s main focus is not only to learn Korean rhythms and how to play Korean drums, but also to appreciate Korean way of getting into a state of, so called, “excitement” and “extreme pleasure” through music and dance with a bunch of people. This state can be greatly achieved rather with others while you become part of the group through music. It will be a unique experience you can have through understanding the traditional way of playing Korean music and dance. Want to know how it is possible? You can only know better by doing it, not by reading or watching. That’s why first-hand experience is very crucial to appreciate Korean culture fully. This workshop is designed for anyone who is interested in Korean rhythm. It provides practical experience in Pungmulnori (a Korean folk music tradition that includes drumming, dancing, and singing in a constant motion). Participants will learn how to play Korean drums and how to dance to the Korean rhythms in Pungmulnori, in a very Korean environment. Eventually participants will understand what togetherness and great community spirit means in Korean culture. The workshop will run during school term and a special holiday session will be provided for those eager to expand their learning experience further. Date: Ongoing, Sundays Time: TBC (2-5pm at the moment) Venue: Sunnybank

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  • Korean
  • Singing
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