Brisbane Tutor in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Maths, Piano, Anatomy, Calculus, UMAT, Microbiology, Music Theory, Statistics, Engineering, French, English, ESL

I am currently a medical student at the University of Queensland offering tutoring to students at secondary and tertiary level education. As a recently graduated student from high school, I am highly familiar with the current curriculum, content and style of study across a range of subjects, and I am extremely capable of communicating and engaging with students of all ages. Tutoring is provided as either general or specific, based on the student's needs, level and expectations. Students may bring all problems, request material, and I am open to additional academic support, such as evaluations. I obtained an OP of 1 (high VHAs for all subjects) and am a recipient of the Australian Student Prize, given to the top 500 students in Australia. I am also currently carrying a GPA of 6.7. I have experience in tutoring all subjects including English, Mathematics, Sciences, Humanities, and the Arts for all year levels. Availability: limited weekday afternoons and evenings, and weekend afternoons. Please email or call for more details.

  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Maths
  • Piano
  • Anatomy
  • Calculus
  • UMAT
  • Microbiology
  • Music Theory
  • Statistics
  • Engineering
  • French
  • English
Expertise on above subjects
  • Private Tuition
    (One to One tuition)
  • Group Lessons
    (Teaching two or more students in one session privately)
  • Teaching Studio
    (Proper classroom setup inside your home or elsewhere)
  • Home Visits
    (Visting students home for private lessons)
Overall and Fields Position of 1 (2011) Australian Student Prize Tutor at University of Queensland AMEB Piano 8th Grade and Certificate of Performance AMEB Theory of Music 5th Grade Blue Card
General rates information
$30/hr for secondary level $45/hr for tertiary level $50/hr for UMAT For home visits, there may be a surcharge depending on duration of session required and distance.
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