Tester's dictionary [I-R]

Software Terms starting with I

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Implementation Testing 

Implementation is the process of grouping an action for the plan. Before we implement, the plan should have been completed and objectives should be clear.

Incremental Testing 

Incremental testing is partial testing of an incomplete product. The goal of incremental testing is to provide an early feedback to developers.

Independent Testing 

Independent testing corresponds to an team, who involve in testing activities other than developer to avoid author bias and is often more effective at finding defects and failures.

Infeasible Path 

Infeasible paths constitute a issue for the complete automation of software testing, it is one of the most costly activities of quality assurance.


It is used to verify the compliance of the application with standards and requirements. It is done by verifying, comparing the product with the designs, code, artifacts and any other documentation available. It needs proper planning and overviews are done on the planning to ensure that inspections are held properly.

Install/Uninstall Testing 

Installation testing is to cross verify that software application is successfully installed & it is working as expected after installation. This is testing phase prior to end users will firstly interact with the real application. Installation testing is also known as “Implementation Testing”.

Integration Testing 

Integration testing is executed to establish whether the components interact with each other consort to the specification or not. Integration testing in large refers to joining all the components resulting in the complete system. It is performed by the developer or the Tester or by both.

Interface Testing 

Interface testing is done to verify the different components of the application developed are in sync with each other or not. In technical terms, interface testing helps to find that different functions like data transfer between the different elements in the system are happening according to the way they were designed to happen.

Internationalization Testing 

Internationalization testing of products aims to uncover international functionality issues before to the products' global release through product testing. This method tests whether the product was properly adapted to work under different languages and regional settings.

Isolation Testing 

Isolation testing is the process of breaking down the system into many modules so that defects can be identified easily in isolation. It happens when the bug is finding to difficult and resolve by development team.


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