How to Lock Google Chrome with Built-in Password Protection

Locking Chrome Browser with a password

Its very exciting when Google Chrome introduce new features. With newest stable Chrome, Chrome team introduced a new feature called "Profile management system"

This feature is disabled by default so you would like to enable it to start using it. It enables the new profile management system, including profile lock and the new avatar menu UI.

Lets get started


First type chrome://flags in your chrome address bar as shown below

Press Enter.

Press CTRL+F and search for "Enable new profile management system"

Chrome profile management

As you see this feature is disabled by default. Change the setting to "Enabled" as shown below

Enable profile management

Once you make this change, you will notice that chrome is asking for a Relaunch, click on that button at the bottom of the screen as shown below

Relaunch Chrome

Once you relaunch your Chrome browser you will notice at the top right corner Chrome is displaying your name if you are signed into Chrome, when you click it this is what it shows

Chrome Profile

You have 2 options now. 

  1. You can switch to another person
  2. Lock chrome

When you click Lock Chrome this is what it shows

 Chrome lock screen

You can browse as Guest or Add another person. 


You will need your Google Account password to unlock chrome. You will notice that once you unlock it, your session will be preserved.

We hope that this will make your life easier a bit when multiple users are using same browser and you want to preserve what you are working on.




Sometimes if your browsers if being used by multiple User then it makes sense to allow user management and password protech yourself so that your browsing sessions are known to you and no one else.

In this tutorial you will lean how to password protect your Chrome Browser.

There is one part to this tutorial.and can be classified as quick tip.



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Learn how to enable password protection for chrome browser

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Added on: 10th Dec 2014

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