Yuvi's Adventures ( titles)

Yuvi is a 10 year old boy living in Melbourne Australia, these short stories are mainly about him, his family and his friends.

Football tryouts
First day in grade 4
Practice makes perfect
Preparing mum for fun
The all-purpose castle
The hefty box
An act of honesty
An act of honesty
It all starts with you
Minds are malleable
The darkest hour
The final
Learning by mistakes

Yuvi's imaginative setups

Anything can be achieved
The confident king
The confident king
I like the way I am
The disguised falsehood
The importance of being just
The penurious society

Some stories are real-life and others are fictional work by various authors. These stories are copyrighted by subjectcoach.com. If you would like to re-create any of the stories, you will require a written permission from subjectcoach.com.