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SubjectCoach Features


Virtual Classroom {beta}

Before you go ahead and read more, please note that Video Conference tool is not compatible with any version of Internet Explorer, iPad and iPhones. We recommend that all parties should use a modern browser such as Chrome or Firefox. Call us biased but we recommend cutting edge browsers such as Google Chrome.

Our Virtual Classroom lets you

  • Teach students using white board, with some common shapes included
  • Share files with your students
  • Embedded presentations that you create from your SubjectCoach Tutor portal
  • Text based room chat
  • Video conferencing with up to 4 students

Video conference has a recommended user limit of 4 users. For every other tool in Virtual Classroom you can add up to 10 students. Manage your classes accordingly. Reason for this user limit is connection bottleneck. While we are improving this tool there are so many more improvements and features possible. We will update this tool periodically.


A video tour is worth more than One million written words. It makes sense when you see what can be achieved. Left view is of a Professor's and right view is of a Student.

What's required

There are few things that you will need to use Virtual Classroom efficiently.

  • Buy a good WebCam and a good microphone
  • A tablet/stylus is a must, writing with mouse will not achieve good results. Something like Wacom Bamboo tablets is a good choice to start with.
  • A good computer/notebook/mac with descent display, don't try to use Virtual classroom from your iPad or iPhone as it is not compatible with those devices.
  • Prepare yourself before hand. Test your connection, create a Virtual Classroom from your portal at least 5 minutes before teaching session. It is important that you start your session before you distribute classroom link to your students.


We are working hard on improving our Virtual Classroom, please send us your feedback, improvements and feature requests. We take every bit of feedback seriously.