• Tutors join to promote your expertise, build online courses, take online bookings and manage your communications.

  • Course providers join to promote your courses, setup your online academy and accept online bookings.

  • Student can get in touch with tutors local to their suburbs, make bookings, ask questions to tutors.

  • Choose your plan

SubjectCoach Features


Advanced dashboard

We have built a dashboard that is easy to use, and feature rich. You are able to easily manage your bookings, availability, listings, communication, plans, courses etc

Sell your expertise

We have build a really simple yet very powerful cart configurator, you can cross sell add-on, such as If you are a music teacher, you can create your availability schedule plus you can also sell stuff as an add-on such as Music CDs, Ornaments etc.

With SubjectCoach you can add either a widget or a "Book Now" button on your website and can use SubjectCoach primarily as a Contact Management and Bookings software.

Manage inventory

You can make yourself available for any time of the day such as 6:00PM in evening for a specific day and Students if it suits them can book you in for that time slot for a private tuition.

Create schedule

If you have setup your schedule successfully then SubjectCoach will act on it and will enable bookings for listing you have enabled bookings for.

As soon as you have configured your cart and add-ons, the “book now” button will be added to your listing. Easy and simple.

Quick payments

SubjectCoach pays on a weekly basis, but on the 8th day. So on the 8th of each month we pay for sales from 1st - 7th of that months, and on the 15th we pay for sales from 8th to 14th of the month, and so on. Only occasionally payments can be delayed by upto 24 hours in case of conflicts or refund requests that we have to process on your behalf.

Bookings management

You are able to view your bookings history anytime with a friendly filter..

Drill down and view the details of each booking, view contact details, move and edit bookings.


On Yes! we support coupons too. Just when a student is looking for some kind of discount you are able to create a coupon from within your dashboard and send it off. You can either create a percentage coupon or a coupon with set amount

Integrate SubjectCoach with your own website

Check widgets page to know more..