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SubjectCoach Features


Online presentations {beta}

Our online presentation tool lets your create presentations with up to 100 slides. You can use SubjectCoach just for creating online presentations and share it with your students.

Our presentation system is

  • Super simple
  • Intuitive
  • Can be embedded with SubjectCoach Virtual Classroom
  • Can be remote controlled when used with Virtual Classroom
  • Support multiple themes
  • Supports multiple transitions
  • You can make it public or can keep them unlisted. Public presentations are searchable items on SubjectCoach.
  • Code embed
  • Include images
  • Include vimeo/Youtube videos
  • Inline editing
  • Preview anytime while you are still working on your presentation
  • and much more

Screen shot of our presentation system

An image is worth more than 1000 written words.

What's required

There are few things that you will need to use our presentation system efficiently.

  • You must be aware of how presentations works
  • Keep saving your progress to a slide when you are editing it
  • If you want to use images in your presentation then your can use services like Flickr to host your images.

Things to know

This system is not even a touch similar to Microsoft powerpoint. PPT, PPTX import or export is not possible. You have to be online to make any updates to your presentations.


We are working hard on improving our presentation system, please send us your feedback, improvements and feature requests. We take every bit of feedback seriously.