• Tutors join to promote your expertise, build online courses, take online bookings and manage your communications.

  • Course providers join to promote your courses, setup your online academy and accept online bookings.

  • Student can get in touch with tutors local to their suburbs, make bookings, ask questions to tutors.

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SubjectCoach Features


Online course builder

If you have already recorded your videos for your course and you want a publishing platform to sell your course to prospective students or your existing students, SubjectCoach is just the right choice for you. You are able to build a course from exiting videos and add transcripts to your videos. You can even add a FAQ to your course. You can enable or disable user comments for your course.

You are able to offer some videos in your course for free so that propective students can get an idea on what to expect from the course.

Sales for your courses will largely depend on course quality and if the topic is red hot.

Course material

After creating a course you can also upload course material as a zip file. Only registered user who have access to your course, will have access to this material. Course material can include exercise files etc.

Upload limit

With SubjectCoach you get Unlimited FREE cloud storage. We only charge little commission for each sale that went through our platform.