Roman Numbers

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Added on: 26th Jan 2016

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This lesson talks about the roman representation of whole/decimal numbers in Maths. Roman numerals are still used in many places. This is a classroom-style lesson and tutor use whiteboard to explain things around. The lesson also answers questions such as What are roman numbers and from where did they come from.

Author: Subject Coach
Added on: 26th Jan 2016

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- Roman numerals for different whole numbers
- What is I in roman numerals
- 4 in roman numeral
- 5 in roman numerals
- Talks about I, V, X, L, C, D, M symbols etc

Easiest way to remembers Roman Numeral symbols is to remember these two words,

MeDiCaL XaVIer

Uppercase symbols represents Roman symbols, disregards the lower case letters. List of roman numerals can be downloaded from worksheets section.