Pre-school or primary school maths number training

Author: Subject Coach
Added on: 17th Oct 2014

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This course introduce mathematics to students who want to learn numbers, directed and produced by Jas Chahal, This course focus on 

  1. Numbers
  2. Basic Counting
  3. Basic addition
  4. Basic Subtraction

This course is split into 4 parts

  1. Numbers grid
  2. What comes next
  3. Addition and subtraction
  4. Counting Objects

With the completion of this course comes a Quiz that students can attempt and learn from various maths problems based on our course material. You can also download worksheets for your kids so that they can practise and learn from real world maths problems.

This is first part of 3 course series

Coming up in part 2 and 3 is

  • Introduction to division and multiplication
  • Introduction to decimals numbers and basic tips and tricks on how to solve real world problems.  

I hope that you will enjoy this course and will leave some feedback for me for future improvements.


Author: Subject Coach
Added on: 17th Oct 2014

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This part includes easy to follow learning for maths numbers. Students will be able to quickly learn how to count till 100 and beyond. Practice after taking this course is essential.