Light and sound are produced by a range of sources and can be sensed

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Added on: 10th Jan 2017

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This video lesson has 4 videos introducing you to range of sub-topics including

  • recognizing senses are used to learn about the world around us: our eyes to detect light, our ears to detect sound, and touch to feel vibrations
  • identifying the sun as a source of light
  • recognizing that objects can be seen when light from sources is available to illuminate them
  • exploring different ways to produce sound using familiar objects and actions such as striking, blowing, scraping and shaking
  • comparing sounds made by musical instruments using characteristics such as loudness, pitch and actions used to make the sound


Author: Subject Coach
Added on: 10th Jan 2017

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A beginner's lesson on sounds. This is part 1 and you shall continue to watch part 2 for a full lesson.

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