How to write complex sentences using a subordinate clause

Author: Subject Coach
Added on: 12th Aug 2016

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Aim of this video lesson is to help you understand the difference between main and subordinate clauses and that a complex sentence involves at least one subordinate clause

Author: Subject Coach
Added on: 12th Aug 2016

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- knowing that complex sentences make connections between ideas, such as: to provide a reason, for example 'He jumped up because the bell rang.'; to state a purpose, for example 'She raced home to confront her brother.'; to express a condition, for example 'It will break if you push it.'; to make a concession, for example 'She went to work even though she was not feeling well.'; to link two ideas in terms of various time relations, for example 'Nero fiddled while Rome burned.'

- knowing that a complex sentence typically consists of a main clause and a subordinate clause

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