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Hi everyone, My name is Evgeniya Balanova, I am from Moscow and I am doing my honours year at UWA. If you • love the way Russian language sounds • Love travelling and Moscow is in your ‘must do’ list • Are keen on Russian literature and wish you could read original poems of Alexander Pushkin and short stories of Anton Chekhov • have always been fascinated by Russian culture • Or you have your own reason…. this is your opportunity to learn this beautiful language! I have grown up in Moscow and been always surrounded by language-studying atmosphere. I was 6 when my mum, an English Teacher, started her foreign language school. So I finished high school not only with very good English, but also a bit of Spanish, Italian and French. Today I also speak Brazilian Portuguese. I came to Australia in September, 2009, and realized that there are a lot of people in Perth interested in learning Russian language and Russian culture. So here I am to help you to learn your Russian meeting your reasons for learning!

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  • Russian
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Native speaker Leaving Diploma of Excellence (piano) at Music School, Moscow - 10 years of education
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$30 per hour
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