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Hi, my name is Kevin Davis and I am your tutor. My working life has been enjoyable and includes graduating from the RAAF Academy, being a RAAF pilot, then an MAF pilot in Papua New Guinea, and more recently working as a Highway Patrol officer in the Queensland Police Service. All of these jobs included some form of teaching others - teaching that I volunteered to do because I simply enjoy it, and get great satisfaction from it. I have always enjoyed learning, and equally, I enjoy teaching others. I believe that everyone, irrespective of age, should have the opportunity to learn. Sometimes however, circumstances mean that this opportunity is not realised or completed. That's where i-tutor-u can help. Perhaps you or your child simply need some assistance in a particular subject or subjects. This assistance may be short or long term - you choose. You can expect the tutoring to be professional and tailored to your needs. I have a good sense of humour, so expect the learning to also be fun! I tutor at the i-tutor-u office at my home in Noosa. I also offer distance tutoring via the internet for those who cannot come to Noosa. I have access to various resources including textbooks, computer and iPad applications. RATE: $35 per hour Specialising in Mathematics and Physics ( to Grade 12) Other school subjects (eg reading/spelling, science) to Year 12 by arrangement Specialising also in Aviation Science (to Commercial Pilot level) Driver Training: a 1 hour question and answer session specific to you, your driver licence, and the Highway Patrol. You ask the questions. Be a safer and better driver by knowing the facts. Realise the importance of your driver licence before you lose it ! Suitable for all ages, but highly recommended for L and P licence holders. I am available for tutoring early till late, anyday. Weekends are available, and are proving your tutorial then enjoy the beach ! For more details including rates, please visit my website:

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  • Physics
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Completed Qld Senior with TE Score 985 - equivalent to OP1 Bachelor of Science (RAAF Academy - Melbourne Uni) Graduate Diploma In Military Aviation (RAAF Academy) Advanced Certificate in Policing (Qld Police Academy) Queensland Blue Card
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$35 per hour
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