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Having taught Maths at Middle School and High School levels, I can help you optimise your results and improve how you learn so you can achieve to the best of your abilities. Whether you are a High School student working towards the highest possible OP score, or a Uni student needing some extra tuition, or a Mature Age student doing a bridging course or preparing for an entrance exam, or in a job wanting to upgrade your skills, I am flexible enough to meets your needs. I can do weekly tutes, single sessions, or a short schedule that fits your timetable. Being conscious of the fact that every individual has their own learning style, I am creative in finding methods that work for you: the student. I enjoy helping young people bring out their best, and your success is my reward.

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Master of Science – Applied Physics Bachelor of Science – Education (Maths & Physics) Certified Coaching Credentials Blue Card no: 5129284/4
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High School students: $45 Uni Students: $55
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